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We aim to keep costs down for the building owners and adjoining owners surveyors fees so that a friendly neighbourly agreement can be made that protects everyone.

Building owners surveyor 

Agreed surveyor - Building owners and adjoining owners.

All fees are per award / side / owner.

*1 A single property can have multiple owners such as a freeholder and leaseholder.

*2 Includes; serving the notice and appropriate plans, checking all ownership with land registry,  providing an explanatory cover letter and following up after 14 days with a 10-day reminder notice.

Please note that the fees listed above are exclusive of VAT.

Adjoining owners surveyor

The fixed fees are for standard work.

This is work without unusual complications, major differences of opinion or particularly complex builds. In our experience this accounts for about 99% of everything that we do. Additional work is charged at an hourly rate.

*Please be aware that if you are the owner, in most cases, you are  obliged cover the costs of surveys for your neighbours.