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We are specialists in Party Wall Awards and Surveys, Notices, Schedules of Condition and related matters. We specialise in work for extensions, loft conversions, and internal alterations. We take pride in producing useful, accurate, and legally valid awards.

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We provide a friendly, efficient and professional service with transparent pricing. We aim to help customers to get the very best protection without incurring unnecessary high costs. Our communication is clear so everyone understands each and every stage of the process. We care about our clients and are responsive to their needs.

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Do I need to serve Party Wall Party Notice?

If you are having building work done on your property that structurally impacts or, in some cases is near a shared wall or boundary then it is a legal requirement that you serve your neighbour(s) with a notice that describes the work and asks for their consent.

For more details on is covered by the Party Wall Act please see our FAQ.

What choices does the adjoining owner have?

The adjoining owners then either

  • consent to the work being carried out

  • Consent but request for a schedule of condition

  • Dissent but request a full Party Wall Award including a schedule of condition.

Please note the Owner has the legal responsibility to pay for whichever choice the adjoining owner opts for.

What are the benefits of having a Party Wall award?

Both owners and adjoining owners are better protected if a schedule of condition is carried out. This is because if there is an issue, for example cracks in a shared wall, either during the build or in the years that follow there is a record to document the condition of the wall via photographs before work has commenced.

The Party Wall Award is a legal document normally containing the schedule of condition, which enables the surveyor(s) to award compensation and the owner to avoid expensive legal action in a county court. Documents and photographs are retained by the surveyor(s) indefinitely.

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